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Atlas Insider: Exploring the North view apartments

March 16, 2017

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that property is all about location, location, location, and here at The Atlas Building, ours is second to none. Located on the axis of four of London’s most vibrant neighborhoods, The Atlas Building gets the best of it all, whether it be the spectacular views from each apartment or close proximity to some of London’s most popular districts.

Through the floor-to-ceiling windows of the marketing suite, we are treated to a superb vista of London - and the sights to be seen looking north are some of our favourites. We decided to explore everything that the North facing apartments have to offer, venturing out into Islington and beyond.

“The North facing apartments are really popular. While people are always seduced by the view of the City to the south, they are delighted to discover how far-reaching and green the views are to the North”, The Atlas Building sales manager, Mez Callender, commented. “The two-bedroom apartments to the north have fantastic layouts. They are ideal for those wanting to live in the scheme themselves as well as those looking to invest; the second bedrooms are similar sizes to the master, making them perfect guest bedrooms, or ideal for renters looking to share.”

Our sales team are big fans of all things North. Victoria Ogilvie says, “I love the view to the north. Apartment on the lower levels at The Atlas Building benefit from tranquil views across the piazza and the lush green wall, while higher up you can see everything from the historic buildings of Kings Cross to Alexandra Palace. On a sunny day, you can see for miles!”

What’s more, residents on the North West side can gaze upon a glorious sunset in high summer, with golden light flooding into the living space through the sliding bedroom window, unobstructed by any particularly tall buildings. And for those on the lower floors, this sunset glow is reflected into apartments from the windows of the South facing edifice behind, which also provides plenty of natural light into the lower apartments during the daytime.

It’s not just the views that have Victoria hooked: “I really enjoy discovering some of the great places in Islington, both old favourites and new arrivals. I love going for a walk along the canal and then stopping for Sunday lunch at Smokehouse. It’s also a great place for Friday night cocktails – 69 Colebrooke Row is one of my go-to bars.”

While the North Facing apartments enjoy the peace and quiet of being next to well-maintained commercial buildings – meaning calm evenings, no noisy neighbours at weekends and ultimate privacy – there are plenty of bustling restaurants, bars and cafes nearby where residents can let their hair down after a busy week. Islington’s Upper Street is a particularly popular stretch, lined with specialist cocktail bars, restaurants spanning the world’s cuisines and artisanal coffee houses and patisseries.

There’s no denying The Atlas Building’s fantastic location, but what about the numbers? Apartments on The Atlas Building’s north face offer exceptional value. The North side has the largest one-bedroom floorplans – using a traditional square layout to limit wasted square footage and featuring floor-to-ceiling windows to add to the sense of space – whilst the two-bedroom apartments have the lowest service charges.

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