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Q&A: Building Tech City’s Tallest Tower

May 30, 2018

With just over a year to completion, The Atlas Building has reached a major construction milestone – the final structural piece of the 40-storey residential tower has been installed at the very top, also referred to as “topping out.” Overseeing the construction of the tallest tower in Tech City is Jonathan Emmines, operations director for Mace, an international consultancy and construction company. Jonathan explains some of the highlights that come with building London’s next iconic landmark.

Now that The Atlas Building has been topped out, what is the latest update on the project?

Now that we are topped out, we are finalising waterproofing the roof, so it doesn’t leak which is obviously very important! We also now have electricity in the building, so we can really start to build out the interiors. The installation of the kitchens and bespoke fitted wardrobes are progressing on the lower levels. Just last week, we started installing the timber flooring and the joinery. The apartments are starting to look like homes and less of a construction site.

What have been the biggest highlights working on The Atlas Building?

The biggest highlight has been seeing the structure completed early – we finished the concrete phase six weeks early despite some challenges with the weather. We are about two-thirds of the way through the entire project, having just completed week 99 and have 59 more weeks to go. This speed and efficiency has been a massive team effort, so the project team and the level of collaboration has been another major highlight.

What has been the most exciting aspect about working on The Atlas Building?

The structure itself is so striking – we are working at incredible heights. For me, the view is the most exciting aspect of this project. Every few weeks you get to see more and more of London. Now that we have topped out, you have an uninterrupted 360-degree view of the City that is absolutely stunning.

How does The Atlas Building compare to other projects you have worked on?

Every project we work on is different, but what sets The Atlas Building apart for me is, that it is truly a new landmark for the City. Despite challenges with space constraints and unfavourable weather, the result is incredibly rewarding. I travel in by train from Essex every morning and can see The Atlas Building all the way from Stratford, so I can see the building long before I even get to it, which is remarkable.

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